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Each Darker Than The Last...


Originally created in 2016, these were made with sharpies on cue cards. The FAYSOV Playbook, like all the other zine, it takes after graphic horror cues and imagery. This is the first of my three-piece zine series, notably the most "fun" and cartoonish out of the 3. Please enjoy the gradual descent into the disturbed.

Consumed best in order.


[ \ ˈzēn  \ ]

Definition of zine

 [ A noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter ]

These 3 zines are a conscious departure from my typical colourful and vibrant style. You won't find any of that within these three zines with the exception of The FAYSOV Playbook. The FAYSOV Zine 1 & 2 were both made in 2020 as a personal attempt to make some sort of body of work, whether it'd be a related bundle or a random jumble of images. I thought it was about time to push myself in a direction FAYSOV wasn't known for, a path less ventured. Through Playbook, Zine 1 and Zine 2 I experiment with negative spaces and making interesting compositions without relying on colour palettes or conventional techniques.

So please enjoy my three zines, each darker than the last.

                                                                                                                                              - FAYSOV 

The very first FAYSOV Zine with many more surely to follow, this zine follows the themes explored in The FAYSOV Playbook but delved into further. The stylistic difference between The Playbook and The FAYSOV Zines is evident in the changing style and lessening of the fun round cartoonish aesthetic in exchange for rough edges and distorted images. 


Personally, my favorite of the 3 zines, The FAYSOV Zine 2 uses a combination of methods including traditional drawing techniques as well as digital collaging. 

This zine was pivotal towards me developing new styles and familiarity within the unknown. This has been my most transformative series in recent memory, prompting a style that will be surely seen again in future works. 


The latest & darkest instalment of the FAYSOV Zines. To date, The FAYSOV Zine 3 involved the most experimentation with its method as well as with its style. Done entirely in black and white, it pushes the boundaries of graphic imagery and explores deeper themes not previously seen in FAYSOV works. 

This zine, in particular, was an exercise within digital collaging with the very least amount of drawing involved.

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